ABC Tracing for Pre Schoolers


Going Nuts Teaching ABC To Your Toddlers?

If you are trying so hard to teach your child ABC but it just does not seem to work, the problem is with the teaching method.

Most of the authors take the easy way out by simply making 100 empty sheets of ruled pages and expect the Toddlers to study immediately.

The only problem here is, this method is so boring, it does not encourage learning!


Finally there is a proven method that works like a charm. The ABC Tracing For Toddlers by Adam Collins has a 3-stage method that literally holds the hands of your child from not knowing ABC to being able to write A-Z and reading short sentences.


Look Inside….

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Features and Benefits

Makes sense for Toddlers on the learning process

Instructions provided to teach. No need to think of any other methods.

Required to complete each stage before going to the next. Monitor progress

Improve Motor Skills by coloring, connecting dots, tracing and writing

Fun filled activity even for the parents

Short sentences improve the vocabulary of children



Age: 2-5yrs

Teaching Methodology: Follow instructions and complete each stage before proceeding to next. Total 3 stages

Pages: 95

Dimension: 8.5 x 0.23 x 11inches


  • ABC Memorization – Follow the guide to teach child to memorize ABC using the ABC song
  • Introduction to Tracing of Letters – Educational games are great ways to teach. Use the game provided to introduce tracing of letters. 
  • Reading of Short Sentences – Engaging content are given in short sentences. Great for story telling.
  • Coloring – Improve Fine Motor Skills by coloring. Example is given for every image.
  • Tracing letters – Actual tracing of letters followed by further practice.


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