Earn Extra Income From Home

Good News for Stay Home Parents!

This is my first post for you on making extra income while taking care of kids at home.

If you are looking to earn something during your free time using free tools available on the internet and having a total start-up cost of ZERO Dollars $0.00!!…

then read on….


Disclaimer: I am not any money-making Guru. I am just sharing useful information that worked for many and might also work for you. No guarantee though. All really depends on your hard work and opportunities out there.

Now for the meat of this topic. How to earn that extra cash?

Simple! Your job is to remove background from images, similar to the one shown below.

Many Video / Photo Editors or Students doing projects need to remove background from images to suit to their projects and there is a good market for this.


(For your own convenience there are affiliate links here at no extra cost for you. I do earn commission if you support my work and click on the links)
  • Good working desktop or a laptop with a mouse – A Computer is a long term Investment
  • Stable internet connection
  • Sign on with FIVERR.

FIVERR is an online platform that has sellers from around the world to provide service ranging from Digital Marketing to Content Writing and even Spells. You name it!

Currently there are many sellers offering this service on Fiverr:

To sign up is Free, but FIVERR will take a certain commission from your earnings. That means you will have to price your Gig at a competitive level but also earn enough after the commission. More about that later.



Proceed to sign up with FIVERR here. Just follow the steps and ensure you are clear on the terms and conditions by FIVERR. Follow these steps here


Everything is super easy.



You will have to name your Gig so customers will be able to find you. Just search for background image remover in FIVERR and get an idea from the other seller on the pricing of their Gigs and the services they offer, duration etc. Now come up with some catchy names. Example: The fastest Background Remover or The Cheapest Background Remover etc.



If you want to beat the competition, you will have to lower your price. Later once you have got the traction you can increase the price since customers will be finding you. The market price for this Gig is around $5 -$10USD. I suggest you start off with $5 and offer to remove background images for 5 pictures.

Initially you may feel that you are doing a lot of work but this is all to get the trust and ratings at FIVERR platform. Once you have at least 20 (5-STARS) reviews, you will be flying high.



Once all that is set, now you will need to bookmark this website. It is called remove.bg. It is a free tool to remove background. You should be getting the idea now.


We will be using this tool to assist us to remove the background.



Now you will need to attract traffic. I suggest you start promoting to your friends and families and you can even print flyers and promote your Gig. Direct them to FIVERR and purchase your Gig from there. This will increase your ratings and trust on FIVERR platform.

The methods I am recommending here are all FREE resources. So, if you want more traffic etc, than you will have to buy traffic. But trust me, for a starter it is not worth the money.



Once you have an order, DO NOT DELAY. For every bad review, you can be penalised.  I strongly suggest, you get the image from the customer first and try to remove the background. If it comes clean, now you send the invoice to the customer and ask him to pay. Otherwise, inform the buyer that you wish to cancel the order as you are not able to meet the requirement. This way, you will meet the dateline and the requirement of the customers.



To remove the background image is a 1-step effort. Just upload the image, and the system automatically removes background.

Voila!!! You just made your first income for FREE!



  • Never delay your work.
  • Always communicate with the customer in FIVERR platform. Do not do any dealings outside FIVERR. You can be banned.
  • No need to spend a single dime on this. All are free. Just need to give a cut to FIVERR from your sales.
  • And remember to subscribe for more such opportunities.


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