Anything that hurts the ego of the child and causes trauma mentally or physically due to abusive words or assault will be in my opinion the worst toxic parenting mistakes.

These type of mistakes if not corrected promptly, will have a major setback in the mental growth of the child. A child that is exposed to abusive words or assaults at the young age is more prone to exhibiting equal behavior as an adult. In addition to this, continuous abuse affects the self-esteem and level of confidence of the child in handling life problems.

I have done counseling to many kids as well as parents. Common factors that lead to child abuse by parents are:

  1. Financial difficulties
  2. Marriage issues
  3. Flawed Characters (hot tempered, abusive in nature, etc) of either or both of the parents
  4. Lack of proper Education

You will notice that I have ranked financial difficulty as the first on the list as that is too common of an excuse to abuse children.

To resolve this situation, parents going through stress that is affecting the children, MUST go through counselling sessions. There are many counsellor who offer this service for free. Just have to look for them. A 100km Marathon has to start with a single step. Make the first step to improve the quality of life and stop abusing children.


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